HTC Sensation XE
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Stock hTC RUU 1.73.401.4 for Sensation XE gives Android 2.3.4 (GingerBread), and Sense 3.0.
Stock hTC RUU 3.32.401.105 for Sensation XE gives Android 4.0.3 (IceCream Sandwich), and Sense 3.6.

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 RUU-Pyramid-LE-ICS-35-hTC-Asia-WWE-3.33.707.106-Radio-11.76A.3504.00U-11.24A.3504.31-M-release-268334-signed.exe  02-Oct-2012 10:00 457,838,480 bytes
 RUU-Pyramid-LE-ICS-35-hTC-Europe-3.33.401.153-Radio-11.76A.3504.00U-11.24A.3504.31-M-release-281004-signed.exe  02-Oct-2012 10:00 450,065,224 bytes

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The files above are original hTC RUU files for the hTC Sensation XE smartphone.

More RUU files for the hTC Sensation/XE "Pyramid" at hTC Sensation/XE