hTC Sensation
Please, download the files, only if you need them.
A phone with S-OFF is better to be flashed with the Universal Firmware-3.33 from the main page that has 4Ext Recovery included.
Be warned, that in these files below, there are included "boot_signed.img" and "recovery_signed.img" that are hTC Stock!

Small Dancing Figure File Name  Date and Time   Size 
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adb tools from hTC RUU 3.33.401.6 adb-tools-hTC-RUU-3.33.401.6-(13.4.2012).zip adb and fastboot tools from hTC RUU 3.33.401.6  07-July-2012 18:00 1,081,506 bytes
hTC Stock FirmWare 1.45.401.3 hTC-Stock-FirmWare-1.45.401.3 (HBOOT-1.17+boot.img+Radio+Recovery+etc.)  07-Oct-2011 12:00 20,632,083 bytes
hTC Stock Recovery 1.50.401.1 hTC-Stock-Recovery-1.50.401.1  14-Mar-2012 14:00 5,462,014 bytes
hTC Stock FirmWare 1.50.401.1 hTC-Stock-FirmWare-1.50.401.1 (HBOOT-1.18+boot.img+Radio+Recovery+etc.)  02-Aug-2011 12:00 20,674,696 bytes
hTC Stock FirmWare 3.30.401.1 hTC-Stock-FirmWare-3.30.401.1 (HBOOT-1.27.0000+boot.img+Radio+Recovery+etc.)  08-Feb-2012 12:00 24,560,613 bytes
hTC Stock FirmWare 3.32.401.3 hTC-Stock-FirmWare-3.32.401.3 (HBOOT-1.27.1100+boot.img+Radio+Recovery+etc.)  21-Feb-2012 12:00 14,567,939 bytes
hTC Stock FirmWare 3.32.401.5 hTC-Stock-FirmWare-3.32.401.5 (HBOOT-1.27.0000+boot.img+Radio+Recovery+etc.)  29-Feb-2012 12:00 23,789,928 bytes
hTC Stock FirmWare 3.33.401.6 hTC-Stock-FirmWare-3.33.401.6 (HBOOT-1.29.0000+boot.img+Radio+Recovery+etc.)  15-Jun-2012 12:00 24,339,460 bytes

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